JoeZalenka1This is the picture of Mr. JOE ZELENKA as he first saw his beloved beagle “IKE” on February 24 after days of being in a nursing home. Not seeing any of his beloved animals for weeks had been daunting, scary and miserable to say the least. With no blood family, this is his whole life and family. Our veteran hero and animal lover.

Our volunteer, CHERYL BARTLETT, told us that MR. ZALENKA called out to IKE (beagle) “COME TO DADDY!  Well, the pictures speak for themselves. There was not one dry eye in the room. The whole nursing staff, social workers and everyone was crying for such love and happiness that Mr. ZELINKA finally had. It is so worth it. We certainly needed some smiles here at our facility too! Loving it.JoeZalenka2

Thank you to our wonderful and passionate volunteers CHERYL BARTLETT and DEBBIE McDANIEL. They are both single- handedly trapping each of MR. “Z”‘s” kitties slowly but surely and bringing all to be vetted and have wellness given to each and every one. This is not a easy task. We have many here but many more to still catch and we will! All of them!

To that end we will adopt each and every one of the adoptable ones and the rest, (feral) will go to secure and loving farms and barns that are friends of the OWENSBORO HUMANE SOCIETY. ALL will be vetted and assessed and safe. We are a charity no-kill and need your help! We do not have these funds in order for this but we are moving ahead. We are counting on your help-no amount is too small..please help us.

WE NEED HELP! Please send your tax-deductible donation to us and go to our PayPal button through

Stop by or mail to our facility!

3101 W. 2nd Street
Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

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